Air Search light

EFFECTIVE RANGE: Up to 250 meters.
OPERATIONAL FUNCTIONS: Infra-Red Landing & Visible Search Light
MTBF: More than 10 times that of incandescent lamps.
Interchangeable with PAR 46 landing light.

Aeromaoz has a variety of search light for both aeronautics and ground application.
The lights luminance can reach up to 160Klux at 24vdc, weight is less than 3 kg and diameter is up to 160mm.
Illuminated angle is as small as 2 degrees or wider.
Aircrafts are making use of Aeromaoz search light especially as a reliable replacement of the Incandescent light and for Infra-red application. Infrared search light can be used to prevent interruption while using night vision goggles or for covert operations.